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Thaumaturgy is that Art Mathematical, which gives certain order to make strange works, of the sense to be perceived, and of men greatly to be wondered at.
// John Dee

_  About  ___________________________/

Eldritech combines astral, ætheric, and arcane arts and sciences with recently possible technology to innovate experiments in theoretical and applied sorcery.

def VISION {

  • The mysteries within: an endless frontier.


  • To explore new technologies and their potential applications for sorcery and ritual.
  • To seek the "mysterious dark angelic fire," and instrumentalize it.
  • To transmogrify the state of the art of magic.

Eldritech is inspired by fictional technologies that combine physical and metaphysical ontologies, for example: the Krell technology in Forbidden Planet; the Mi-go technology and Tillinghast's resonator in the stories of H.P. Lovecraft; the PKE meter and proton packs in Ghostbusters; Lemarchand's box in Hellraiser; &c. The creation of such fantastic works is made possible by conceptual blending. Eldritech utilizes conceptual blending to "imagineer" works of authentic thaumaturgy.

_  Electric Wizard  _________________/

Like any autopoietic machine, I can die for want of sustenance or drift towards destinies which make me a stranger to myself.

Eldritech is the artistic enterprise of Joshua Madara a.k.a. tchnmncr. I am an occult technologist and new media occultist, which just means I do much the same sort of thing as new media artists but primarily for reasons of occultism (usually sorcery) rather than æsthetics or other raisons d'art. Although my works involve non-traditional media, I consider them part of the Great Work of all magical Arts and Crafts, through the realization of techne (τέχνη) and the reification of spirit.

As I am always experimenting, most of my works are prototypes, and many do not advance any further before I move on to my next design, but I am available for commissions, exhibitions, installations, collaborations, consultations, &c. Feel free to email me with inquiries or requests.

I am presently using Pastebin as a kind of minimalist microblog, but older stuff can still be found on my previous blog,

_  Selected Works  __________________/

  • Divination with Computers (presentation, Mortlake & Company, 2017)
  • Vehicles of Ætherial Fire (exhibition, Mortlake & Company, 2017)
  • Theriomorphosistor (exhibited work, Ghost Gallery, 2017)
  • Interactive Media for Occult Book Makers (presentation, Esoteric Book Conference, 2013)
  • Measuring Magic (course, Arcanorium College, 2012)
  • Mind-Controlled Robots (demonstration, Seattle Mini Maker Faire, 2012)
  • Automagica Theoretica (course, Arcanorium College, 2011)
  • Electronomicon/Psiborg (installation, Esoteric Book Conference, 2011)
  • Build a 3D Sigil Generator (course, Arcanorium College, 2011)
  • Beginning Interactive Multimedia Ritual Design (course, Arcanorium College, 2010)
  • Miracles of Autonomy: Cybernetic Perspectives on Paratheatrical Ritual (presentation, American Society for Cybernetics conference, 2009)
  • Re/Considering the Cybernetic Model of Magic (presentation, Ekstasis seminar, 2007)


  • Technomancy 101: Advanced Cybermagic for Beginners
  • Liber Beep Boop: Robomancy in Theory and Practice

_  Interviews & Appearances  ________/

_  Inspirational Music  _____________/

  • Bebe and Louis Barron, Forbidden Planet (1956)
  • Black Widow, Return to the Sabbat (1969)
  • Black Sabbath, Paranoid (1970)
  • Hawkwind, Space Ritual (1973)
  • Electric Wizard, Come My Fanatics… (1997)
  • Blood Ceremony, Blood Ceremony (2008)
  • Sunn O))), Monoliths & Dimensions (2009)
  • The Sword, Warp Riders (2010)
  • Astra, The Black Chord (2012)
  • Jeremy Schmidt, Beyond the Black Rainbow (2014)
  • Gloryhammer, Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards (2015)

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