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ELDRITECH (Eldritch Technology)

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THAUMATURGY is that Art Mathematical, which gives certain order to make strange works, of the sense to be perceived, and of men greatly to be wondered at.
// John Dee
Mathematics is not the language of the universe; intention is.
// KRS-One
Instead of deducing that we are 'nothing but' machines, let us increase the mechanical world to embrace mystery.
// Ramsey Dukes (Lionel Snell)

_  About  ___________________________/

ELDRITECH blends art, magic, and technology to innovate experiments in theoretical and applied sorcery. It is inspired by fictional technologies that interface between physical and metaphysical ontologies, such as the Krell technology in Forbidden Planet, and the Mi-Go technology and Tillinghast's resonator in the stories of H.P. Lovecraft. The generation of such fantastic works is made possible by conceptual blending. Eldritech utilizes conceptual blending to "imagineer" works of authentic thaumaturgy.

_  Electric Wizard  _________________/

Eldritech is the artistic enterprise of Joshua Madara a.k.a. tchnmncr. I am an occult technologist and techno-occultist, which just means I do much the same sort of thing as "new media" artists but primarily for reasons of occultism (usually sorcery) rather than aesthetics per se. Although my works feature modern technologies, I consider them part of the Great Work of all arcane Arts and Crafts, being the reification of spirit via techne ("virtus eius integra est si versa fuerit in terram"). My basic assumption is that anything, including computers, robots, &c., may be a spiritual as well as an artistic medium.

_  Selected Works  __________________/

  • Robomancing the Skull: An Introduction to Necromancy with Robots (panel presentation, 2021)
  • Technomancy 101: Advanced Cybermagic for Beginners (tutorial, 2018)
  • Divination with Computers (presentation, Mortlake & Company, 2017)
  • Vehicles of Ætherial Fire (exhibition, Mortlake & Company, 2017)
  • TKS-127 Magical Probability Computer (artifact, unexhibited, 2017)
  • Theriomorphosistor (exhibited artifact, Ghost Gallery, 2017)
  • Interactive Media for Occult Book Makers (presentation, Esoteric Book Conference, 2013)
  • Measuring Magic (course, Arcanorium College, 2012)
  • Mind-Controlled Robots (demonstration, Seattle Mini Maker Faire, 2012)
  • Automagica Theoretica (course, Arcanorium College, 2011)
  • Electronomicon/Psiborg (installation, Esoteric Book Conference, 2011)
  • Build a 3D Sigil Generator (course, Arcanorium College, 2011)
  • Beginning Interactive Multimedia Ritual Design (course, Arcanorium College, 2010)
  • Miracles of Autonomy: Cybernetic Perspectives on Paratheatrical Ritual (presentation, American Society for Cybernetics conference, 2009)
  • Re/Considering the Cybernetic Model of Magic (presentation, Ekstasis seminar, 2007)

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