Coming Soon: Talismachines

Talismachines logo

Coming soon from Eldritech: TALISMACHINES — a series of one-off and limited edition objets d’art incorporating mixed media, found objects, materiae magicae, and computers and electronics. Each Talismachine will include instructions for ritual use. I will also be accepting commissions for custom-made Talismachines.

The name Talismachine is a portmanteau of talisman and machine. A talisman is a device endowed with magic power — compare fetish, amulet, charm, &c. A simple machine is a device that changes the direction or magnitude of a force. Dynamis (> dynamics) is a Greek word that can denote magical power or physical force. Talismachines combine magical and mechanical notions of dynamis to control or amplify occult forces.

Here is an early prototype I made a few years ago — a bit rougher than the newer ones will be, and they will all vary in technique and purpose.

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