Curriculum Vitae

2024panel guestFolk Around & Find Out IV: Folklore of the Future
Salem Witchcraft & Folklore Festival
2023presentationLovecraftian Necromancy
Speakeasy of the Dead (VI)
Radio Free Golgotha
2021conference presentation + panel guestRobomancing the Skull: An Introduction to Necromancy with Robots
Dark Economies
Falmouth University, Cornwall
2018online tutorialTechnomancy 101: Advanced Cybermagic for Beginners
2018presentationDivination with Computers
Mortlake & Co.
Seattle, WA
2017exhibitionVehicles of Aetherial Fire
Mortlake & Co.
Seattle, Washington
2017exhibited artifactTheriomorphosistor
Bell Jar III
Ghost Gallery
Seattle, Washington
2013conference presentationInteractive Media for Occult Book Makers
Esoteric Book Conference
Seattle, Washington
2012online courseMeasuring Magic
2012conference presentationMind-Controlled Robots
Seattle Mini Maker Faire
Seattle, Washington
Esoteric Book Conference
Seattle, Washington
2011online courseAutomagica Theoretica
2011online courseBuild a 3D Sigil Generator
2010online courseBeginning Interactive Multimedia Ritual Design
2009conference presentationMiracles of Autonomy: Cybernetic Perspectives on Paratheatrical Ritual
Cybernetics – Talk – Dance – Anticommunication
American Society for Cybernetics
Olympia, Washington
2008articleOf Magic and Machine
American Society for Cybernetics
Summer 2008
2007seminar presentationRe/Considering the Cybernetic Model of Magic
Madison, Virgina
Above is a selection of my public works. For additional, unexhibited works see this listing.