Folklore of the Future

I will be part of a panel discussion titled “Folk Around & Find Out IV: Folklore of the Future,” on Sunday (3/24), the final event of this year’s Salem Witchcraft & Folklore Festival.

A panel of professional conjure doctors, astrologers, cunning-folk, artists, and witches talk about the place of folk magic in modern life around the world.

Come join our discussions of how traditional folk magics do and don’t have to adapt to changing times: from “for entertainment purposes only” disclaimers on divination to all the things that we might mean by ‘technomancy’; and from the artistry of magic — framing fetish-making and talisman-craft as sculpture and assemblage — to the rituals of art itself. And feel welcome to join in conversations exploring when modern problems might require modern folk magical solutions and what those can look like…

So come and pull up a digital seat as Dr. Alexander Cummins convenes and chairs our panelists Professor Charles Porterfield, Sarah Jezebel Wood, J.M. Hamade, Joshua Madara, and Bint Al-Shalabiya to discuss the practices of folk magic, folk healing, folk art, folk spirituality, and more in these (post)modern times!

You can register for the entire festival or a single day, or just the panel. Times given are in Eastern Daylight Time.