The Future of Eldritech

Witness the man who raves at the wall
Making the shape of his questions to Heaven

A brief note about the general trajectory of Eldritech through three phases:

  1. Cyber-sorcery
  2. Robomancy
  3. Space magic

I am currently working on a cyber-sorcery project I intend to exhibit in July. In some ways this will be a continuation or sequel of Technomancy 101, but less pedagogical and more inspirational. I am playing this one close to the vest for now, but will announce more news about it in the coming months.

Later this year I will resume dedicated work on the robomancy project (more correctly a batch of different, related projects), with intention to complete parts of it soon. I have been developing this for several years now, and the state of the art of robotics has changed considerably in that short time, although much of what I have to say about magic robots is more or less perennial. Robots will become increasingly more involved in our lives, and I believe strongly that we must engage with them more magically if we wish to avert the dystopian nightmares that illuminate our anxieties about military and industrial applications of robotics.

As robots and space go so well together, my robomancy stuff will include some foreshadowing of the third phase of Eldritech: space magic. I am unapologetically enthusiastic about outer space, space exploration, and all things extraterrestrial. I recognize and appreciate the need to attend to systems locally (individually, socially, ecologically, &c.), but I also believe our capacity to see and travel among the stars compels us to do so, and that we can do so while remaining critical of colonization, and careful about where and how we tread. The space magic phase of Eldritech will focus on the weirding ways of extraterrestrial communication, migration, and mutation, and set me up to retire as the grizzled space wizard I have longed to be.

Doubtless these phases will not proceed so linearly as I have presented them here. I will likely bounce back and forth between them as I, and they, move forward, revisiting some things and proceeding with others as needed, even as I participate in other projects related to art, magic, and technology; but this is the general route I intend to follow. As always, thank you for accompanying me on the journey.