Latööcarfian Dream Generator v2.0

I recently updated some old Processing code for generating Latööcarfian dream images à la Clifford Pickover’s Chaos in Wonderland, like the ones I made for Vehicles of Ætherial Fire. I shared the code as a GitHub Gist. Perhaps one day I will make an Esper-like voice interface: “Magnify 2000 times. Pan left 300 pixels. Save that.” Might also add the ability to render at a printable DPI, so I can say, “Give me a hardcopy right there.” Meanwhile, here are some images of zooming into the “Serpent Horizon” dream. The thumbnails hide a lot of detail; click each one to view full-size.

One of the big changes I made was to use Java’s double data type instead of Processing’s native float, which greatly improves the pixel density.


Here is a comparison of the “Shark Tooth” dream I made for Vehicles vs. v2 of the same dream:


I also moved the trig out of the draw() function, so I can now render 10 million frames in just under ten seconds, instead of waiting several hours to draw them at 30 or 60 frames per second.