Talismachine 2: Theriomorphosistor

Theriomorphosistor 1

Theriomorphosistor is an electromagical device for lycanthropy: two miniature bell jars containing hair samples from a wolf and human are connected to the inputs of a digital AND gate that outputs power to a small lamp.

Media: glass, cork, hair, wire, digital & analog electronics.

Theriomorphosistor 2

The Talismachine series of talismanic machines is perhaps best explained by this passage from Juan Eduardo Cirlot’s Diccionario de Símbolos (with added emphasis):

According to the Tabula Smaragdina, the threefold principle of the analogy between the outer and the inner world is: (i) the common source of both worlds; (ii) the influence of the psychic upon the physical; (iii) the influence of the physical world upon the spiritual. But the analogy lies not only in the relation between the inner and outer world, but also in the relation between various phenomena in the physical world. Material or formal resemblance is only one of the many possible analogies, for analogy can also exist in connection with function.

Therimorphosistor was displayed at Ghost Gallery from March 9 to April 9, 2017, as part of their Bell Jar III exhibition; and again in the Vehicles of Ætherial Fire exhibition in August 2017.