Magical Probability Calculator

The Magical Probability Calculator calculates magically modified probability per Peter J. Carroll's equations of magic in The Octavo, The Apophenion, and Liber Kaos. The calculation requires five parameters in the range of 0 to 1 (numbers outside the range are constrained to 0 or 1) for natural probability, gnosis, link, subliminalization, and belief, respectively. The pertinent equations are:

  • Magic: Ψ = G * L * S * B
  • Spell: PΨ = P + (1 − P)Ψ1/P
  • Antispell: PΨ = P − PΨ1/(1 − P)

I have made two earlier versions of this calculator with Processing (1, 2); one with Python; and one with Scratch. I have also made an electronic device that demonstrates these relationships analogically: the TKS-127 Magical Probability Computer.